Narcos Cartel Couture: From Polyester to Pixels

Client - Narcos


The Narcos tv show portrays the life and death of one of the 20th century’s most iconic anti-heros, Pablo Escobar. Otherlife worked with the IP to build an authentic, innovative cartel couture that integrates blockchain technology and 3D design into a cinematic shopping experience.



Creative Direction

Production design

3D Design & Animation



Agency: Otherlife

Partners: Client



Otherlife created an immersive Shopify experience for NARCOS. The store transports users to Hacienda Napoles, where they can buy exclusive merchandise with digital collectibles accessible via NFC technology. This innovative platform honors NARCOS' legacy, engages fans, and sets a new e-commerce standard.


3D Animation

Otherlife designed a set of custom 3D clothing, styled in different positions, and incorporating motion to bring the clothing to life. When shoppers purchased physical clothing from the shopping experience, they were able to claim the 3D clothing as an NFT twin.

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