It Takes Two to Contango

Client - Contango


Contango is a venture firm focused on investing in Web3 products and services.  Otherlife worked with Contango to bring their investment portfolio and vision for the Web3 space to life in a lively, immersive web experience.


Identity Design

Art Direction

3D Animation

3D NFT Design


Agency: Otherlife

Partners: Client


Responsive Web Experience

Contango was developed as a bespoke solution from the ground up, incorporating customized fade, position, pinned, and scroll-based animations that contribute to a visually appealing and engaging interface. Behind the scenes, dynamic content is efficiently pulled from a custom content management system, enabling real-time updates.


3D Animation

Otherlife developed a system of custom 3D animations, which elevate key pillars of Contango’s messaging by acting as metaphorical visualizations, and adding overall depth to the content.

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